Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Composting at the Sum-Bo-Shine house.

I love to compost, or should I say I love chopping vegetables and gathering up the non usable parts and placing them in the compost bin I keep on the kitchen counter. Taking the compost outside requires a trek down the deck stairs and out into the back yard (this is Sunshine’s job, she’s the Shine of Sum-Bo-Shine) where I have two large compost bins. I alternate between the two bins which allows one bin to cook or compost and the other bin is available for receiving non protein kitchen waste and green clippings.
Composting is something I have done since I was a child. We always gathered the table scraps and placed them in a bucket that was emptied each night either on a compost heap or we fed the contents of the bucket to our farm animals. Nothing went to waste in our house. We were recycling long before we knew what recycling was.
Instead of re inventing the wheel by listing the "how to’s" of composting I’ve attached a link to a very good site that describes everything you need to know about composting.
I find it so amazing that I can make dirt! Each spring I add the rich, earthy smelling compost to my flower and vegetable bins and I rest easy knowing I made the planet a little safer by not using harmful fertilizer.
Carolyn Deal

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