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The Benefits of Organic Baby Skin Care

Organic baby skin care is essential, especially for newborns. Many of us are unaware of the benefits associated with organic baby skin care products. Not only are they better for your baby’s skin, they’re actually safer.

As most of us know the skin is the largest organ in the human body. What goes on the skin ends up in the bloodstream and is spread throughout the body. What goes on your baby’s skin is just as important as what goes in his or her mouth. Some baby lotions and ointments are loaded with harmful ingredients hidden under cover-up names. For example, Quaternium 15 is in a lot of shampoos and baby lotions. Quaternium 15 is a formaldehyde releaser used as a preservative and has been linked to many forms of cancer. It is also an irritant to the eyes, ears and nose and has 30 different names it can go undercover with!

This is just one example of harsh chemicals found in conventional baby products. It is frightening if you were to take your baby’s shampoo and look up each ingredient on the internet. With a baby’s skin being so new to the world it is even more susceptible to absorb and react to these chemicals. The absence of these harmful chemicals is the most important benefit of using natural and organic baby skin care. Natural and organic baby skin care products are made from natural ingredients raised in compliance with organic standards and practices. This will ensure nothing harmful is coming in contact with your baby’s skin.

Natural and organic baby skin care is also beneficial because it is gentler on the skin and is environmentally friendly. Remember, after you empty your baby’s bath tub, the water enters our world to mingle in with the wildlife. As the harmful chemicals in conventional baby products mix with other chemicals dumped down the drain, they form new highly toxic chemicals and can harm wild and sea life.

With the popularity of organic products, natural and organic baby skin care products are being produced and sold at a much more affordable price. You can find plenty at Buying organic baby skin care products are a win-win situation; better for you, better for your baby and better for the environment. Visit to find out more information on purchasing organic baby skin care products.

Toxins Around Us

Daily, thousands of children may be exposed to over 120 harmful chemicals primarily through their skin and mouth. Some of these toxins have never been evaluated by the FDA and therefore go unscreened and without regulation.
A non-profit organization, The Environmental Working Group, has researched and discovered that children are exposed to over 60 chemicals daily through the air or from the absorption of their skin. Because the US Government doesn’t require any standards of safety on cosmetic products, it is 100% legal for companies to use whatever ingredients work for them, not the safety of the consumer. Many baby products contain carcinogens (cancer causing chemicals) and phthalates (bi products of plastics that cause reproductive disorders in boys).

The greater concern is that a child’s body does not function and react the same as an adult. Whereas an adult is able to fight off and handle toxins, the child’s sensitive body is extremely vulnerable. Babies and children are still developing, whereas adults are, for the most part, fully developed. Many of these harmful chemicals may directly affect the development of the child as proven in the recent study on phalataes. Another danger is the potential for toxic overload in your baby. Basically, the vulnerability of a baby’s immune system may be able to handle one toxic ingredient, but when 60 different toxins are being ingested daily could result in allergies and a host of other issues.

Aside from the basic ingredients in your baby products, artificial ingredients will have an effect as well. Artificial dyes, perfumes and preservatives add extra strain to the young baby’s body. The human body comes from nature and will function at its best when it is in harmony with nature. Anything artificial is a warning sign to stay far away from.

The greatest fallacy is that just because a product is made for a baby, it is safe and gentle. Remember, these large, corporate manufactures are after one thing – money. They may claim to be about your well being of your child, but the bottom line is what is driving their products.

Be an advocate for your child and research and study up on what it is that you’re putting on your baby’s precious skin. is a safe and trusted online store you can purchase natural and organic baby products. You can shop with confidence and peace of mind at

What to Look For In Safe Organic Skin Care Products for Baby

Parents all over the world have are making the choice to switch to organic skin care products for their baby. The trend has hit an all time high, making more and more money which in turn is given back to the customer with lower and lower prices. Although buying natural and organic skin care products for your baby is an excellent choice, there are some companies that are trying to pull a fast one with so-called organic products. We will provide you with the basics of what to look for in safe organic skin care products for your baby.

Let’s start at the beginning. Organic products are defined by the USDA and FDA as ingredients that have been made without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, hormones or antibiotics. In short, all the ingredients are true to nature without the help of chemical science. If a product is contains 95% organic ingredients, it can be labeled “organic”. If a product contains 70% organic ingredients, it can be labeled as “made with organic ingredients” and if your baby product has less than 70% organic ingredients, it can still be labeled as “made with some organic ingredients”. Unfortunately, not all natural ingredients are organic but are safer to use than chemicals.

So when you go to make your purchase for natural and organic skin care products for your baby be aware that there is a billion dollar market out there attempting to make their products appear to be organic without sincerity. Here are a few quick items you can check before purchasing a baby product labeled organic:

Always check the label, natural and organic products will not have anything in them that is unnatural. If you notice a long, hard to pronounce word that looks like something from chemistry class, don’t trust it! Look it up when you get to a computer and see what it really is. Many organic products will give a quick reference to any ingredients that may be confusing.

What is the company’s history? If the company is a major label of conventional products that is now introducing organic products, I would be leery. Most likely, it’s all about money and I can almost guarantee corners are being cut somewhere. If the company has always held a high standard of natural and organic products I would trust it a bit more.

In today’s market you, the consumer must be educated and on your guard. offers plenty of trusted natural and organic products. When you visit, be sure to check out all the products they offer.