Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sum-Bo-Shine featured in "Start Your Own Green Business" Book

Once again, we are honored to be featured in print. "Start Your Own Green Business," published by Entrepreneur Press and written by Rich Mintzer, 2009. Mr. Mintzer interviewed 22 "green" entrepreneurs for his latest book. Sum-Bo-Shine made the cut along with some pretty big hitters, Newman's Own Organics, Seventh Generation, Pangea Organics and Patagonia just to name a few.

"Everything starts with a passion, a vision, or a desire, which is basically what I had," says Carolyn Deal, who, following 10 years as a nurse and more than 20 years in the health care field, opened her own organic baby care product business. Passionate about sustainability, healthcare, and children, it was the perfect ideal for a grandmother who wanted to launch a business. Working with a FDA-registered lab to formulate and create the actual products, Carolyn built up a line of nine products including baby lotion, diaper ointment, shampoos, and bodywash all made with natural ingredients. Within a year of starting her green business, named for her three children, Summer, Rainbow, and Sunshine (and no, she's not from Southern California) the business had already garnered awards for green products and been written up in Mothering, Wellness and other magazines. Sum-Bo-Shine is not only about healthy, natural products for babies, and new moms, but is also very much aware of packaging. The company not only ships products in recyclable packages, but has a website that allows you to request an envelope in which you can return the empty plastic bottles and they will recycle them for you. Now that's a passion and commitment to the earth all rolled up into one successful new business."Rich Mintzer, "Start Your Own Green Business" Entrepreneur Press, 2009

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sum-Bo-Shine Review and Giveaway!
I've always been into heavily perfumed lotions and bath gels. Red Door by Elizabeth Arden, Japanese Cherry Blossom by Bath and Body Works... mmm. Then something happened. When I became pregnant with Jack and I used my normal products, they turned my stomach. They smelled great in the bottle, but not when they went on my body. Something about hormones or my body chemistry, either way my body just was not having it anymore. I started to seek out natural and organic products that wouldn't leave an alcohol/chemical smell. That is when I found Sum-Bo-Shine.
"Sum-Bo-Shine creates products that are free of artificial fragrances, and do not contain parabens, sodium laurel sulfates, mineral oil or any harmful ingredients while using the least environmentally harmful preservative available on the market today."Sum-Bo-Shine is headed by Carolyn Deal, she is a mother of three and grandmother of one.
"We have received a lot of emails and phone calls inquiring about the name Sum-Bo-Shine. When friends and family see the name they smile because they know where the name originated. My children's names are Summer (Sum), Rainbow (Bo) and Sunshine (Shine).” ~ Carolyn Deal
Baby Jack loves the Aloe and Lavender Bath Powder. It really is therapeutic.I love that I can be assured it will be gentle on his dainty little hiney.

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