Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm Happy Here Bags

I'm Happy Here Bags are made of 100% recycled material, 80%recycled cotton (pre-consumer) and 20% recycled soda pop bottles (post-consumer) and proudly carry the Made in USA label. Our reusable bags are eco friendly and come in a variety of sizes: Yoga Bag, Fashion Shopping Tote, Grocery Bag, Small Carry All Bag, and Boat Bag.

Why we chose recycled cotton and recycled soda pop bottles for our bags?
Pre-consumer (material that is recycled before it is used by a consumer) recycled cotton is non-useable leftover cotton material that would normally be dumped in landfills; these discarded fibers are more environmentally friendly than conventional or organic cotton. Using recycle cotton reduces the pesticides and herbicides needed to grow conventional cotton, and even though organic cotton is a better choice than conventional cotton, energy, water and land is still needed to produce it. By using "table waste" cotton we are able to take a discarded material and turn it into a useable item resulting in a twofold sustainable action; waste becomes a useful product.

Post consumer soda pop bottles (the plastic bottle you put in the recycled bin) is made into a fabric and when combined with recycled cotton creates a durable fabric that produces a strong and sturdy bag. Recycled bottles mean less waste in landfills.
It has been estimated that less than 5% of shoppers use a reusable shopping bag and that only 1 -2% of plastic bags are recycled, and a 15 year old tree is needed to produce 700 paper grocery bags. So you can see how a lot of waste, time, energy and resources could be avoided by using reusable bags.

I'm Happy Here bags are made in the US, and according to, if every person living in the US shifted just $20.00 per month in spending from foreign made to American made products, more that 5 million new US jobs could be created to meet the demand.
Our mission is to help keep this planet alive and well for future generations.

Our tag line, "I'm HAPPY here!" was spoken by my grandson at the tender age of two. While playing quietly by himself, he looked up and simply said, "I'm happy here!" And we hope you are happy here too!

I'm Happy Here is a register trademark of Sum-Bo-Shine, Inc.and may not be reproduced without the expressed written consent of Sum-Bo-Shine,

Recycle, Reuse, Save the Planet for our Children; after all, I might come back someday!

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