Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Toxins Around Us

Daily, thousands of children may be exposed to over 120 harmful chemicals primarily through their skin and mouth. Some of these toxins have never been evaluated by the FDA and therefore go unscreened and without regulation.
A non-profit organization, The Environmental Working Group, has researched and discovered that children are exposed to over 60 chemicals daily through the air or from the absorption of their skin. Because the US Government doesn’t require any standards of safety on cosmetic products, it is 100% legal for companies to use whatever ingredients work for them, not the safety of the consumer. Many baby products contain carcinogens (cancer causing chemicals) and phthalates (bi products of plastics that cause reproductive disorders in boys).

The greater concern is that a child’s body does not function and react the same as an adult. Whereas an adult is able to fight off and handle toxins, the child’s sensitive body is extremely vulnerable. Babies and children are still developing, whereas adults are, for the most part, fully developed. Many of these harmful chemicals may directly affect the development of the child as proven in the recent study on phalataes. Another danger is the potential for toxic overload in your baby. Basically, the vulnerability of a baby’s immune system may be able to handle one toxic ingredient, but when 60 different toxins are being ingested daily could result in allergies and a host of other issues.

Aside from the basic ingredients in your baby products, artificial ingredients will have an effect as well. Artificial dyes, perfumes and preservatives add extra strain to the young baby’s body. The human body comes from nature and will function at its best when it is in harmony with nature. Anything artificial is a warning sign to stay far away from.

The greatest fallacy is that just because a product is made for a baby, it is safe and gentle. Remember, these large, corporate manufactures are after one thing – money. They may claim to be about your well being of your child, but the bottom line is what is driving their products.

Be an advocate for your child and research and study up on what it is that you’re putting on your baby’s precious skin. is a safe and trusted online store you can purchase natural and organic baby products. You can shop with confidence and peace of mind at

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