Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Benefits of Organic Baby Skin Care

Organic baby skin care is essential, especially for newborns. Many of us are unaware of the benefits associated with organic baby skin care products. Not only are they better for your baby’s skin, they’re actually safer.

As most of us know the skin is the largest organ in the human body. What goes on the skin ends up in the bloodstream and is spread throughout the body. What goes on your baby’s skin is just as important as what goes in his or her mouth. Some baby lotions and ointments are loaded with harmful ingredients hidden under cover-up names. For example, Quaternium 15 is in a lot of shampoos and baby lotions. Quaternium 15 is a formaldehyde releaser used as a preservative and has been linked to many forms of cancer. It is also an irritant to the eyes, ears and nose and has 30 different names it can go undercover with!

This is just one example of harsh chemicals found in conventional baby products. It is frightening if you were to take your baby’s shampoo and look up each ingredient on the internet. With a baby’s skin being so new to the world it is even more susceptible to absorb and react to these chemicals. The absence of these harmful chemicals is the most important benefit of using natural and organic baby skin care. Natural and organic baby skin care products are made from natural ingredients raised in compliance with organic standards and practices. This will ensure nothing harmful is coming in contact with your baby’s skin.

Natural and organic baby skin care is also beneficial because it is gentler on the skin and is environmentally friendly. Remember, after you empty your baby’s bath tub, the water enters our world to mingle in with the wildlife. As the harmful chemicals in conventional baby products mix with other chemicals dumped down the drain, they form new highly toxic chemicals and can harm wild and sea life.

With the popularity of organic products, natural and organic baby skin care products are being produced and sold at a much more affordable price. You can find plenty at Buying organic baby skin care products are a win-win situation; better for you, better for your baby and better for the environment. Visit to find out more information on purchasing organic baby skin care products.

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