Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sum-Bo-Shine Shampoo & Body Wash Customer Review!

"Thank you so much for your miracle product- shampoo and body wash. My 3 week-old baby had a bad case of baby pimples, not only on his face and scalp but most of his back and upper chest area as well. His pediatrician said its normal and it should go away in a couple of weeks or so however, it seems like it was getting worse and worse every day. One night while searching the internet about baby pimples, I stumbled on your website. My order arrived here in Hawaii sooner than I had expected. As soon as we used your product, the reddish coloration on his skin disappeared, the next day of use; most of the pimples were gone. By the 4th day his back has cleared up completely! Now his face is clear, almost like the day when he was born. I and my wife are so grateful, and thankful to your miracle product.
I will recommend your products to anyone that I know who has babies."

Ewa Beach, HI

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